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 One of the leading Pewaukee chiropractors Align the Spine asks, “Are you having back pain? Jaw pain? Leg pain? Do you have body aches that you can’t quite pinpoint?? 

Maybe it’s time for you to see a chiropractor. But then, how do you find the right chiropractor for your issues?

Chiropractors in Pewaukee, WI

When thinking about chiropractic care or chiropractors specifically, most people imagine someone who focuses only on neck or back pain problems. While it’s true these issues are frequently treated by Pewaukee Chiropractors Align the Spine, they can also relieve pain and aches in other areas of the body. Additionally, they address issues having to do with overall wellness and health. 

Currently, more than 35 million Americans – both children and adults – are treated by chiropractors. Every year in the United States, it is estimated that nearly 7.5% of adults visit a chiropractor.

chiropractic care for kids

With this amount of chiropractic care happening, you may wonder what it’s all about and how to find the right one, should you be considering treatment. If you’re not already familiar with Pewaukee Chiropractors Align the Spine, let’s take a look at what they do. We will also examine some signs and symptoms that may point to the need for chiropractic treatment.


What Is a Chiropractor?

A chiropractor is a licensed practitioner who has extensive training in chiropractic care. Chiropractic care is a therapy based on the spine and nervous system. The chiropractor most often adjusts the spinal column’s segments to relieve pain, discomfort and realign the body’s bones for better health. 

Chiropractic Care

With a focus on the sciences, these individuals start their education by getting an undergraduate degree. Typically, before they can be licensed, those who want a career in chiropractic must complete eight years of higher education. After taking courses in the sciences (i.e., physics, psychology, chemistry, biology) for four years, they most often graduate with a premed major. Finally, a chiropractic graduate program is attended, which involves, on average, four years of education with over 4,000 instructional hours and course credits.

Chiropractors Require Thorough Training and Certification

To learn how to treat disorders of the ligaments, muscles, nerves, and bones, those pursuing a chiropractic degree must attend a graduate-level health college. Though chiropractors aren’t specifically medical doctors and do not hold medical degrees, thorough training and certification are required. When they fulfill their educational requirements and graduate, they have doctorate degrees in the chiropractic field. Many also join the ACA – the American Chiropractic Association – to continue their education and keep up with the latest innovations, best practices, etc.


What Does a Pewaukee Chiropractor Do?

Very often, when someone thinks about a chiropractor, they envision a professional “cracking their back.” But Pewaukee Chiropractors Align the Spine can also help patients with extremity, neck, hip problems, and more by prescribing specific strengthening exercises. With these exercises, patients can be assisted in the following areas:

• Protect themselves against recurring or new injuries

• Improve their range of motion and stability

• Increase strength

• Promote joint health

• Prevent muscle deterioration

• Decrease pain

Though widely known for treating neck and back pain, Pewaukee Chiropractors Align the Spine also treats soft tissue and other bone conditions.


Who Should See a Pewaukee Chiropractor?

If you would like to improve your emotional and physical well-being, there are many benefits of receiving chiropractic treatment. Unfortunately, until something goes wrong or they get injured, far too many people ignore the possibility of being treated by a chiropractor. They wait until their pain symptoms reach the point where they can no longer tolerate it. However, to prevent something from going wrong initially, a chiropractor can also be of great assistance.


Should you see a chiropractor? Here are some signs that could point to it being time for you to schedule a consultation with Pewaukee Chiropractors Align the Spine:


• You consider yourself to be an active person or enjoy playing sports.

• Your leg or legs are experiencing shooting, sharp pain.

• Recently, you were involved in an accident (i.e., motorcycle, car, a fall, etc.).

• You are experiencing a limited range of motion.

• You’ve noticed different wear patterns on the soles of your shoes.

• You experience chronic back pain.

• You are required, courtesy of your job, to sit for extended periods.

• You’re experiencing muscle or joint pain.

• You’re plagued by headaches.

• You want to live a life that is more health-conscious than in the past.

Now that you know what a chiropractor does, what kind of training they typically receive, and who should consider seeing a chiropractor, here are some tips for picking out the right one for your needs. Naturally, in addition to whether your insurance covers a specific chiropractor, you will want to consider hospital quality, outcomes, experience, and credentials during your selection process.


Consider Matters of Insurance for Chiropractic Care

Align the Spine Chiropractic is a complete Cash Practice. We are not a part of insurance networks (including Medicare and Medicaid), and we do not submit to insurance companies.
We will accept payment in the form of all major credit/debit cards, check, cash, or FSA/HSA. 
To inquire about the most updated service pricing, please call us at 262-737-6030 or email us at info@alignthespinewi.com to speak to our Office Manager or Front Desk Representative.
Please note that prices may vary based on individual treatment needs; however, Align the Spine Chiropractic will always discuss these charges with our patients before services are rendered.


Check Reviews for Pewaukee Chiropractors

In this age of everything being available on the Internet, it’s easier than ever to find online reviews for almost every business or product. Chiropractors are no exception. To find out how a chiropractor’s practice operates and provide insight into how they care for their patients, check out what other people have to say about them.  Chiropractor reviews by patients typically reflect their experience with office staff friendliness, office environment, wait times, scheduling appointments, physical outcomes, and more. From these reviews, you can learn how much a chiropractor’s patients trust them, how well they answer their patient’s questions, and how much time they typically spend with each patient.

5 Start Reviews

Currently, Pewaukee Chiropractors Align the Spine carries five out of five stars of the Google Rating system. They excel in areas such as the following:

• Educating their patients

• Listening to their patients

• Providing chiropractic care through a unique approach

• Devotion to their practice

• and much, much more


Does the Chiropractor Communicate Effectively?

Your chiropractor should support your information needs, and you should feel comfortable when speaking with them. When you first meet a chiropractor, notice how they respond when you ask a question. Do they give you answers you can understand, and do you feel like your questions are welcomed? To choose the right chiropractor for you or a loved one, find one who does the following:

• Respects your decision-making process

• Will consider your treatment preferences

• Shows an interest in familiarizing themselves with you – as a person, not just a patient




To Some, Chiropractic Gender Matters

To some people, gender matters. They feel more comfortable having either a male or a female professional touch them, talk to them, and generally treat them. Because open discussion involving personal information will need to be done with your chiropractor, it is crucial that you feel comfortable. Additionally, these professionals are developing new skills in caring for men and women differently. Do not hesitate to inquire with the chiropractor about their recent experience and training specifically related to your gender, age, or condition. 


Pewaukee Chiropractors Align the Spine currently has a female office manager with whom you can discuss your information, needs, concerns, etc., and two male chiropractic professionals who treat patients.


What Kind of Experience Does the Chiropractor Have?

When you’re facing spine or musculoskeletal health issues, experience matters, your results are likely to be better the more experience a chiropractor has with your particular procedure or condition.

How many patients have the chiropractor treated who also had your precise condition? If a specific procedure is needed, inquire as to how many the chiropractor has already performed. Were there complications? What is the ratio of complications the chiropractor/patients encountered? 

Since we’re on the topic of complications, make sure you find out all the risks involving the treatment in question. It’s essential to have a complete picture of what can or should be expected.


Research Your Pewaukee Chiropractors Credentials

About Align the Spine Chiropractic

One of the most important factors that should be considered in finding the right chiropractic professional is licensure. So they can provide care, a chiropractor needs the necessary experience, skills, training, and more. Credentials will help you establish whether or not some of these are in place.


Also, check a chiropractor’s history for any disciplinary actions or malpractice claims. On state websites and through Healthgrades.com, you should be able to research the following as it applies to a possible choice of a chiropractor:

• Any disciplinary or malpractice history

• Certifications

• Training hospital

• Medical school attended by the chiropractor


Referrals Can Be Useful

Your primary doctor may provide a chiropractic referral list if you specifically ask for it. Your insurance may specify that a referral is needed from your doctor to cover your chiropractic treatment.


However, don’t be afraid to ask other healthcare providers, friends, co-workers, or family members for recommendations. Once again, make sure to do your homework by researching your potential chiropractor’s experience, credentials, etc.


Once you review your information and narrow down your list, see whether a chiropractor accepts new patients. Call their practice individually. If they take new patients, set up a time to interview the chiropractor through a person-to-person appointment.


Best Reasons to Seek Pewaukee Chiropractic Care

Now that you know how to choose a chiropractor let’s look at some of the benefits of seeking care from the professionals at Pewaukee Chiropractors Align the Spine.


• Provide greater sensitivity and control

• Improve nervous system transmission/communication

• Improve vitality, energy, and sleep

• Injury recovery and prevention

• Relieve prenatal discomfort

• Support headache/migraine patients

• Relieve discomfort and pain associated with subluxation

• Improve organ function

• Strengthen the immune system

• Improve range of motion

• Decrease inflammation

• Relieve muscle tightness

• Improve mobility and joint function… and more


What to Expect When You Visit Pewaukee Chiropractors Align the Spine

Align the spine team

When you visit Pewaukee Chiropractors Align the Spine, what can be expected? Using various adjusting techniques, a chiropractor will assess and treat you as a whole. 

To determine your segmental subluxations, they will start by executing a series of physical tests. Next, so the chiropractor can compare your posture against anatomical baselines, they’ll do a complete posture analysis.

From there, so they can identify your habitual movement patterns, they will test out various movements, such as walking, bending, going up and downstairs, etc. These tests are necessary to provide your chiropractor with a clear picture of your body’s needs to achieve the highest level of wellness and health.

Additionally, these tests and analytics are the best way for a chiropractor to go about identifying your habitual patterns of movement. Only then will they have a total understanding of what’s needed by your body to achieve an optimal health and wellness level. Finally, they will provide you with a customized plan of treatment.

Chiropractic Care in Pewaukee Prices

New patient appointments at Align the Spine Chiropractic are longer and more thorough than most clinics in the area. Patients should allow for an hour and a half to two hours for their initial appointment.

Align the Spine Chiropractic does about 30 minutes of initial consultation, 30-minute physical exam, and 30-minute adjustment. If you were to get complete spinal x-rays that are sent over to a radiologist for a second opinion, add another 30 mins to your session.

All of this information provides the doctors with a complete look at your overall health. It allows them to develop a personalized treatment plan for the patient and their specific needs.

A new patient appointment at Align the Spine Chiropractic costs either $90 for the consult, physical exam, adjustment, or $240 for the consult, physical exam, x-rays, and adjustment.

Working together, you and your Pewaukee Chiropractors Align the Spine professionals will find a way to assist you in adjusting to better health. 


For the Best Chiropractic Care in Pewaukee and Surrounding Areas

At Pewaukee Chiropractors Align the Spine, every staff member strives to provide each patient with the highest quality of movement education, attentiveness, and standard of personalized care. In this manner, patients are better enabled to achieve an overall improved quality of life. You, as a patient, will feel better as you leave the office of Pewaukee Chiropractors Align the Spine. But there’s more! You will also have a clearer picture of your body’s optimal health level.


With staff members Dr. Ben Rodrigues and Valerie Czekalski, you can rest assured that you will receive the best chiropractic treatment in Waukesha County. Though competent in all areas of chiropractic care, each chiropractor brings with them specific areas of expertise and interest. Behind the scenes, Office Manager Ms. Czekalski keeps everything running smoothly. Her friendly disposition and organizational skills are invaluable to the practice.


Contact Align the Spine Chiropractic, LLC in Pewaukee today with any questions you may have or call to make an appointment. Use their convenient online messaging page or call them at 262-737-6030 today.