Meet Mr. Bones

Back in the day Mr. Bones was much more compact and Dr. Ben Rodrigues’ favorite toy. Mr. Bones went everywhere with Dr. Ben when he was younger. From the playground , to school, to karate practice and back, Mr. Bones was a loyal companion. He attended the nightly bedtime story ritual and had his own spot at the table for breakfast. In chiropractic school Mr. Bones was there for every study session and often a helpful tool for patient education at the Palmer clinic.

Today, Mr. Bones is Align the Spine’s resident mascot. He spends most of his time greeting guests at the front desk with our Office Manager Valerie Czekalski. For not having any vocal chords he sure does have A LOT to say! He is often educating our patients on the benefits of chiropractic care, points you towards special events and promotions for our clinic and definitely keeps us entertained with his silly outfits.