Meet The Team

Ben Rodrigues

Doctor of Chiropractic

Best Chiropractors in Pewaukee and Surrounding Area

Dr. Ben Rodrigues is one of the best chiropractors in the Pewaukee area. Ben, along with his older sister Valerie Czekalski (our Office Manager), grew up in Pewaukee with chiropractic care as an essential part of their active and healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Ben always had a passion and interest in the anatomy and care of the human body. In fact while most young children had a favorite stuffed animal or blanket to carry around with them for comfort, Dr. Ben instead had a small skeleton that he carried with him everywhere called Mr. Bones and he loved to visit the chiropractor to hear the “popcorn” in his neck. In his younger years Dr. Ben was an athlete, playing football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and downhill skiing. Chiropractic care became a way for him to continue moving at his optimal level of performance and even helped him recover from sports related injuries. After graduating from Pewaukee High School in 2010 Dr. Ben studied Kinesiology at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, graduating with his Bachelor of Science in 2015. While studying at UW-Milwaukee Dr. Ben got involved in the world of natural body building and even earned several titles at state competitions . Upon graduating from UWM Dr. Ben went on to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA, the pioneer chiropractic college. After years of delving into his chiropractic studies and going through the proctorship program with Dr. Sherri Augustine at Mequon Chiropractic, Dr. Ben received his Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2020.

Today, Dr. Ben is happy to be back in his hometown with his fiancee and their dog Jack, and he is excited to be able to help his local community members reach their optimal level of health.

Dr. Ben’s Hours at the Clinic

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday: 1:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Wednesday: 8 am – 12 pm By Appointment Only.
Friday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Valerie Czekalski

Office Manager

Valerie Czekalski, along with her younger brother Dr. Ben Rodrigues, grew up with chiropractic and holistic practices at the center of her healthy living lifestyle and has been visiting a chiropractor since she was in the womb. When her after school dance classes turned into a serious pursuit Valerie remembers visiting the chiropractic office often to receive regular skeletal alignment maintenance. In 2008 Valerie graduated from Pewaukee High School with an Incoming Freshman scholarship to the dance department at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. Throughout the countless hours honing her craft in the studio and on the stage she continued to visit the chiropractor not just for maintenance when her body was healthy but when her ankles were severely sprained or her plantar fasciitis in her feet was flaring up after a long day of tap dancing in the studio. Each time she left the clinic after an adjustment she’d feel not just more aligned but physically renewed ready to take on the next week’s physical challenges. After graduating from UW-Stevens Point in 2012 with her Bachelor’s of Art in Dance she pursued a career teaching dance in the Lake Country area. All the while chiropractic care was a major part of keeping her moving and inspiring dancers of all ages. Her love for teaching led her back to school and she received her certification in Early Childhood Education from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee in 2017. Chiropractic care has become a vital part of her self-care practice as an educator, helping keep her physically, mentally and emotionally ready to instill a love of learning in both her preschool and dance students.

Today (when she’s not in the classroom) Valerie channels her creative energy, passion for movement and education as well as her organizational skills as Align the Spine’s Office Manager. She is the friendly face you see when you walk in the door for your appointments and the cheery voice you hear on the phone when you call our office. She is responsible for keeping everything running behind the scenes from billing to accounting, patient records, social media and event marketing as well as the creative voice behind our resident skeleton mascot Mr. Bones. She believes that chiropractic care should be at the center of everyone’s pursuit for an active and healthy lifestyle and she continues to educate on the benefits of chiropractic care to current and prospective patients.