Pewaukee, WI June 17, 2021 – At an exclusive launch event held today at Align the Spine Chiropractic in Pewaukee, WI, Doctors Ben Rodrigues unveiled this area’s first groundbreaking treatment ARPneuro Therapy.
ARPneuro Therapy, which stands for Accelerated Recovery Performance, is a drug-free alternative therapy that treats the neurological origin of all physiological symptoms. It is also a supplement to other types of physiological treatment such as e-stimulation and physical therapy.
While typical recovery for some sports-related injuries takes months, recuperation with ARPneuro Therapy is measured in days reliably 60-80% quicker than customary recovery.
“When Dr. Ben and I first discovered ARPneuro we were skeptical. I had the representative apply it to my bicep, and within seconds I knew this therapy was life-changing. The next thing I know, Dr. Ben is taking off his shirt at a packed conference and having it applied to his current injuries. By the end of the day, we knew we had to have it. It works so well for recovery and as a therapy. It has changed how we run our clinic,” noted the owner of Align the Spine Chiropractic. “Best of all, this technology has many applications in both the performance and therapy spectrums. It really can change people’s lives,” he added.
Although celebrities and Professional Athletes who have used ARPneuro Therapy highly recommend it, ARPneuro Therapy is for everybody. 
Ashley Hoffman, local WBFF Fitness Pro, Firefighter, and EMT states, “My knee discomfort and pain felt significantly better and felt my performance in the gym was better because I wasn’t feeling shooting pain in my knee,” 
Neural Pathways for muscle activation was through the roof…although we did half the volume and half the weight, but 2-3 times the activation after one ArPneuro treatment and one ARPneuro performance session,” says Jordan Plantiko, 2x IFBB Classic Physique Champion

Dr. Ben Rodrigues is thrilled to offer his patients this new treatment. Dr. Ben adds, “This is a breakthrough therapy with proven benefits to help our clients get back to an active and healthy lifestyle.”
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Based in Pewaukee, Align the Spine Chiropractic prides themselves on their ability to assess and treat the spine as a whole using various adjusting techniques. Dr. Ben provides each patient with a customized treatment plan for an optimal level of health and wellness.
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