ARPneuro Therapy at Align the Spine Chiropractic in Pewaukee

Align the Spine Chiropractic is now offering ARPneuro Therapy


What is ARPNeuro Therapy?

While common recovery for some, sports-related injuries takes months, recuperation with ARPneuro Therapy is measured in days reliably 60-80% quicker than customary recovery.

ARPneuro Therapy is 100% medication and drug-free. The procedure works on analyzing, then solving the underlying neurological patterns creating the pain in our lives. ARP therapy finds what’s causing the pain and then retrains the neuro pathways to end the pain.

With ARPneuro Therapy there is less requirement for intrusive, difficult, medical procedures and the recovery from those procedures. When rehabilitation is required, ARPneuro Therapy helps create a more successful and expedited recovery.

Celebrities and Professional Athletes who have used the ARPNeuro Therapy highly recommend it. The technology improves the size and strength of the targeted muscle groups which results in enhanced mobility and pain relief which greatly increases sports performance

Accelerated Performance Therapy

Offered Exclusively at Align the Spine Chiropractic

Free demos are offered to all patients of our facility.  New patients are required to have a physical exam done before being treated with ARPNeuro therapy with us.